2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Rochester vs. WashU
  Date: Oct 06, 2019 • Site: St. Louis, Mo.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [90:00].
 Foul on WashU.
 Corner kick by WASHUM Smith, Alex [87:21].
[87:05]  Shot by WASHUM Gancman, Julian BLOCKED.
 Foul on Rochester.
[86:14]  URM substitution: Nelson,Tommy for Leopold,Nate.
[85:31]  Shot by WASHUM Gancman, Julian, SAVE Curran,Hugh.
[84:39]  Shot by URM Hypsher,Tony HIGH.
[83:32]  URM substitution: Kehe,Rio for Barata,James.
[83:32]  WASHUM substitution: Yamamoto, Makio for Jaberi Vivar, A..
 Foul on Rochester.
 Foul on WashU.
[79:18]  URM substitution: Hypsher,Tony for Carroll,Owen.
[78:21]  Shot by URM Volis,Mitch BLOCKED.
 *Goal off free kick through hands off keeper
WashU 1, Rochester 0
[77:28]  GOAL by WASHUM Connors, Sean (FIRST GOAL), goal number 1 for season.
[77:04]  URM substitution: Carroll,Owen for Reyes,Noe.
[77:04]  Yellow card on URM Reyes,Noe.
 Foul on Rochester.
 Corner kick by WASHUM Smith, Alex.
[76:04]  Shot by WASHUM Smith, Alex, SAVE Curran,Hugh.
[74:51]  WASHUM substitution: Yamamoto, Makio for Ryan, Aidan.
[74:51]  WASHUM substitution: Sproule, Will for Wolf, Nolan.
[74:51]  Yellow card on WASHUM Sanchez-Conde, A..
 Foul on WashU.
[74:38]  Shot by WASHUM Wolf, Nolan, SAVE Curran,Hugh.
[73:17]  URM substitution: Cooley,Josh for Dowd,Caden.
[73:17]  URM substitution: Miller,Aidan for Hypsher,Tony.
[73:17]  WASHUM substitution: Jaberi Vivar, A. for Newman, Jack.
[72:28]  Shot by WASHUM Yamamoto, Makio WIDE.
[71:54]  Shot by URM Dowd,Caden BLOCKED.
[69:35]  WASHUM substitution: Sanchez-Conde, A. for Yamamoto, Makio.
[69:35]  WASHUM substitution: Smith, Alex for Gemmell, Michael.
 Foul on WashU.
 Foul on Rochester.
 Corner kick by WASHUM Mathes, Connor [65:34].
[62:34]  URM substitution: Nelson,Tommy for Volis,Mitch.
[62:34]  URM substitution: Barata,James for Miller,Aidan.
[58:46]  URM substitution: Dowd,Caden for Cooley,Josh.
[58:46]  WASHUM substitution: Newman, Jack for Sanchez-Conde, A..
 Foul on WashU.
[57:06]  WASHUM substitution: Ryan, Aidan for Gancman, Julian.
[57:06]  WASHUM substitution: Gemmell, Michael for Smith, Alex.
[56:15]  WASHUM substitution: Wolf, Nolan for Sproule, Will.
 Foul on Rochester.
[54:30]  URM substitution: Reyes,Noe for Carroll,Owen.
[53:13]  Yellow card on WASHUM Sproule, Will.
 Foul on WashU.
[51:57]  WASHUM substitution: Yamamoto, Makio for Ferris, Jack.
[51:44]  Header Shot by URM Cooley,Josh WIDE.
 Foul on WashU.
[45:00]  URM substitution: Hypsher,Tony for Barata,James.
 Foul on WashU.
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].